Filmmaking started out as pure fun; I used to take my video camera everywhere and shoot everything. But as it’s got more serious, I’ve found it harder to simply play with a video camera like I did in the old days.

To fill the playful side, I’ve gravitated towards analogue photography in my spare time. I love the pace and purpose of it, forcing you to think about the angle you want, the moment you want to capture and what you want to communicate. There’s risk and tension in analogue photography which I love. When the photos come back and you’ve nailed it, it’s because you earned it, not because you kept your finger pressed on the shutter and hoped for the best.

The best part is that playing with analogue cameras teaches me things I can then apply to my filmmaking – it’s also my little link to the history of my medium, a reminder of the process and the pioneers without whom I wouldn’t have the privilege of making films today. 

Here’s a selection of a few photos I’ve taken over the years which I quite like.