Ismar Badžić - Shooting Assistant Producer

Srebrenica: Europe’s Last Genocide (?)


Today marks 25 years since the beginning of the genocide in Srebrenica. It is the most recent and we must hope, last genocide in Europe. Sadly, already, we cannot say in the world. Since 1995, the killing of Darfuris in Sudan was ruled the 21st century’s first genocide. More recently, the killing of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar has been unofficially classified as genocide (though not legally declared as yet). Rodrigo Duterte’s regime of murder has the systematic look of genocide but without the international outrage. In part, perhaps due to it’s moral guise of targeting criminals. Though genocides have been…Keep reading >>



Background I was riding my bike past some great big houses with great big ‘thank you NHS’ signs. I made an unknown – though not unreasonable – judgement that some of the signs may come from households that proudly put this government in power. The notion of great big blue bleeding hearts on show for all to see made me rage and made me laugh. Things started pinging and a few pedal strokes later: Look at us clap – oh isn’t it nice? Noise from the hands that twisted the knife. I stopped and scribbled. Behind me a postman pulled…Keep reading >>

Make Something Friday #004


How many weeks it been now? It’s all getting a little hazy. It all depends on the counting methodology used. In internationally (un)recognised MSF time I make it 4 make-something-fridays since we snuck in under our duvets. 4. FOUR! Four whole Fridays of fine folks sending me colour and candour from far and wide. It never ceases to make me smile to see what everyone is up to. I hope you enjoy and take inspiration from all the treasures which lurk below… 2 x FROM LAST FRIDAY (#003.5) I was a bit busy last week (somehow) and didn’t get to…Keep reading >>

Make Something Friday #003


I continue to be left awe struck with the variety of wonderful artefacts waiting for me in my inbox each week. We’re deep into this stay (AT, at, @ – why has everyone forgotten the poor little AT) home malarky and with it we voyage deeper and deeper into Make Something Friday. You know it’s all getting very serious when it gets initialled by someone… “You have a lot of entries for MSF?” What on earth is he on about – Medicine Sans Frontier? OH! And when the chap who said the only thing he’d have to submit is a…Keep reading >>

Make Something Friday #002


Creativity is contagious. I’m certain. From #001 alone – Sophie and George’s whittled spoons inspired at least one other person to give it a try. I thought about fiddling with my long-forgotten guitar this week thanks to Rob’s brilliant track. People who saw #001 got in touch and asked if they could pass it on to others – of course! – and some of those good souls join us here today. Once again, it’s a pleasure to see what you’ve concocted. I hope whatever you made brought you joy, and if not at least a discovery, a lesson or an…Keep reading >>



I was on the phone to Annie – she said she was making corona virus related art with Shivani from afar. I started thinking. Nicked the idea basically. I scribbled a few lines of text on my phone. No brief or theme just – hey, make something on Friday. Sent it to a few of my friends and asked Annie to send to a few of hers. Aaaand here we are. I wrote this blurb before receiving all the pieces. I’ll keep it brief as there is far more & far better to consume below – but I am compelled…Keep reading >>

Britain’s Bus Crisis – on iPlayer Now


Panorama’s Richard Bilton travels coast to coast across the north of England to see the reality of Britain’s battered bus network. From rising fares, congestion and abandoned services to hi-tech, green buses and overcrowding, Panorama finds out what people want to see changed.  In February 2020 we crossed part of the country by bus – coast to coast from Redcar to Blackpool. I supported self-shooting director Nick Blakemore, shooting mostly GVs – buses, bus stops, moody skies, dogs on walls and torrential rain in Blackpool – along with second camera on interviews. Glad to be part of this project with…Keep reading >>

Rolleiflex #001


First photos from my Rolleiflex (at long last…) I bought a Rolleiflex 2.8 F to start my year (2019 ya). For a long time it sat there sniggering at me. It wasn’t really, duh – I just didn’t have the balls to take it for a spin. I went to Scotland with my dear George (pictured) and brought it – – but it stayed in the hotel room blindfolded with bubble wrap – – it was too precious; too tricky; too scary; too everything everything to sling it over my shoulder and let it breathe the cutting Scottish February air…Keep reading >>

Photographing Georgina Davy


These pictures are of my friend and artist Georgina Davy. She makes beautiful, often strange, but always wonderful costumes and puppets. I don’t think she realises just how excellent she is. The making of the costumes must be painstaking. The beasts she makes require not only imagination but also nimble-fingered wizardry and a monk-like patience I could only dream of having.  In 2016, I had designs of starting a photo project about artists working in and around Sheffield when I lived there and Georgina let me take the first batch of photos of her. I remember it was a hot…Keep reading >>

Shooting Crisis in Care. Pt.2 The weight of pictures

Documentary On TV

Note: This blog is about the first episode of Crisis in Care. It’s on BBC iPlayer now and will be available for 11 months. Intimate Access The word ‘access’ is an important one in the documentary lexicon. The difference between a pie-in-the sky idea for a film about, let’s say Facebook’s hate speech monitoring team and a pitch that will get commissioners excited is ‘access’. Organisation X allowing filmmakers Y in to film them. One of the special aspects of Crisis in Care was the ‘access’ granted by Somerset County Council – because council’s don’t tend to open their doors…Keep reading >>