Ismar Badžić - Shooting Assistant Producer

Interning at Warp Films


I’ve been making little films for the past 4 years but I know that the scale of the films I want to make is far bigger than what I’ve done thus far and, to do that, I want to work on teams that put those films out there. Films, for me, are those things we queue up and pay to see, desperately avoiding the glance at the overpriced confectionary as we make our way into massive rooms full of people all delightedly sharing a cultural filmic experience together. I’ve been lucky enough to have had some public screenings of my…Keep reading >>

Making a Brass Band Documentary Pt. I: The Walk


Making a Brass Band documentary Pt. I: The Walk “Do you want to make a documentary about a brass band composition?” “Uhhhm…Tell me more.”  She did. And I agreed. That’s the ultranonspecific way that I got involved with this project. With a skeptical hesitance which was quickly overturned by the delightful enthusiasm and amazing track record of Louise Snape, the professional puller off-er of Sheffield based arts platform ‘Hand Of’. She caught me at a good time because I was looking for a distinctly local project to turn my attention to. After making two snowboard films in my first two years…Keep reading >>

How I ended up filming in Las Vegas…


One of the craziest things in my filmmaking career so far has to be a mind-blowing offer to go and film in Las Vegas. I just wanted to share a little blog about how it happened, mostly as an excuse to show you some photos. But I hope that you find some kind of message in here about patience, faith and the art of putting yourself out there, because all of this came about because of a little snowboard film I made two years before. It all happened really fast. I was offered the shoot in early February and two…Keep reading >>