Ismar Badžić - Shooting Assistant Producer

Launch: Audio Visual Postcard


“A simple postcard with its restricted choice of landmarks printed onto the front and limited word-space on the back doesn’t capture the sense of the place you’re in or your story within it. To show that which is lesser seen and explore it with your own eyes and ears is the aim of this project.” That’s the text that we’ve put on the homepage of the ‘Audio Visual Postcard’ website which we’ve just launched. The ‘our’ in question relates to myself and friend + musician Sam Hanlan. Together, we travelled to Berlin for a long weekend with the idea to capture what…Keep reading >>



I’m off to Berlin to embark on a new audiovisual project and combine travel with art; a creative city break. The project is a collaboration between myself and electronic music composer Sam Hanlan. We’re going to be taking and making art from within the City, him with the sounds and me with the sights It’s a voyage into the unknown and we’ll be crafting the concept as we go. If it goes well, the plan is to make a whole bunch of these long weekend trips to different cities, making cool audio visual…thingies. Hence the name, audiovisual postcards.  An absolutely…Keep reading >>