Ismar Badžić - Shooting Assistant Producer

Launch: Mini-docs.


Today, I’m launching a mini-documentary project loosely titled “Persons, Places & Passions” celebrating people Sheffield, past or present and the surrounding areas. Allow me to introduce the first film: It’s 7am on this cold December morning and Ben Cherry is waiting for the sun to rise so he can photograph the famous Curbar edge, in the Peak District. I stand back and observe him as he works. This is my quiet portrait of him as he explores that which he holds dearest; photography and nature and the tools with which he does so. There’s no message or moral to this…Keep reading >>

On, on a roll.


On a roll is a project I cooked up when I did a quick photoshoot last year on a single roll of film. I was inspired by how much more I could get out of 24 / 36 shots taken on a roll of film than on a memory card in my digital camera. I shoot less and, I think, I shoot better. I’m not going to launch an enquiry into why; Do I think more because there a fewer shots available? Does the look of film simply suit my taste more, leading me to think it somehow better than…Keep reading >>