Ismar Badžić - Shooting Assistant Producer



On a cold, clear day this winter I spent a few hours with ambulance staff on strike in Bristol (part of the South Western Ambulance Service). As passing cars and passers by made their support known, I took a few photos and scribbled down some words. Thanks to everyone who made me feel welcome and more importantly, thanks to everyone in the ambulance service, and health and social care professions, for doing a difficult job at a difficult time. A difficult time which has lasted far too long. Tarin, Lead Paramedic It’s actually been quieter on strike days. It’s not…Keep reading >>

Rolleiflex #001


First photos from my Rolleiflex (at long last…) I bought a Rolleiflex 2.8 F to start my year (2019 ya). For a long time it sat there sniggering at me. It wasn’t really, duh – I just didn’t have the balls to take it for a spin. I went to Scotland with my dear George (pictured) and brought it – – but it stayed in the hotel room blindfolded with bubble wrap – – it was too precious; too tricky; too scary; too everything everything to sling it over my shoulder and let it breathe the cutting Scottish February air…Keep reading >>