Ismar Badžić - Shooting Assistant Producer

Berlin on Borrowed lenses: 85mm


Remember 1. I had one piece of hand luggage for the trip so I had to get a low number of lenses with a good range. 2. This is not a technical review, I’m not a lens boffin; it’s all anecdotal. 3. I shot on a Canon 5Dmk2 body with Nikon lenses fitted with an adapter. 4. Only these three lenses were used.  Part 1 (24mm review): Click Here. Nikon 85mm f/1.8 Build Quality This was my most used lens on the trip and I chose it because I wanted to leave the oft-used 35mm and 50mm at home. It’s a lovely length that offers…Keep reading >>

Berlin on Borrowed lenses: 24mm


Introduction London Camera Exchange kindly supported my camera for my Audio Visual Postcard project and gave me three Nikon lenses to take and test in Berlin. The lenses were Nikon 24mm, 85mm and 135mm, all of which were second hand. The reason I approached LCE is because I love the second hand lenses they offer and the wonderful service they provide. Blogs and reviews are usually centered on new lenses but I want to show that good used lenses are out there and with LCE you can have the peace of mind of going to the shop and talking to an…Keep reading >>