Ismar Badžić - Shooting Assistant Producer

Launch: Audio Visual Postcard


“A simple postcard with its restricted choice of landmarks printed onto the front and limited word-space on the back doesn’t capture the sense of the place you’re in or your story within it. To show that which is lesser seen and explore it with your own eyes and ears is the aim of this project.” That’s the text that we’ve put on the homepage of the ‘Audio Visual Postcard’ website which we’ve just launched. The ‘our’ in question relates to myself and friend + musician Sam Hanlan. Together, we travelled to Berlin for a long weekend with the idea to capture what…Keep reading >>

How I ended up filming in Las Vegas…


One of the craziest things in my filmmaking career so far has to be a mind-blowing offer to go and film in Las Vegas. I just wanted to share a little blog about how it happened, mostly as an excuse to show you some photos. But I hope that you find some kind of message in here about patience, faith and the art of putting yourself out there, because all of this came about because of a little snowboard film I made two years before. It all happened really fast. I was offered the shoot in early February and two…Keep reading >>