Deeper than Snow available to rent / buy on Vimeo

"Deeper than Snow available to rent / buy on Vimeo"

A few years ago I made a film about Jake Cornish, a snowboarder who survived an avalanche in Switzerland. At the time we decided to make it, there were some amazing snowboard films out there but they were all style over substance – big tricks instead of character and story. So we decided to make a very different snowboard film, one that focused on one man, his risks and his family – centrally, why a man a whisker from death chose to get back on his board and ride again. I made the film whilst in my second year at university – my philosophy degree took a back seat but making it was just about the best filmmaking education I could have had. When you’ve hauled a camera, a bag full of kit and a snowboard up mountains, snow up to your hips, each step excruciating and breathless, you know you can make just about any film. It’s a small film, made by friends, powered by perseverance and love but it has also been broadcast on extreme sports channels around the world. I’m not sure what impact it made, but In a noisy market where tricks and adrenaline come first, I’m glad we were able to put something thoughtful with an emphasis on story out there. Now, for the first time, the film is also on Vimeo to rent or buy. The shots are pretty, the music is stunning and Jake, his friends and family are full of wisdom, passion and integrity. If, like me, you’re dreaming of a snowy adventure but haven’t had the chance to run away and breathe the mountain air for a while – this film might help you escape for a little bit. If you watch it, enjoy – and thank you. If not, the trailer is good fun and available on the link too.

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