Ismar Badžić - Shooting Assistant Producer

Photographing Georgina Davy


These pictures are of my friend and artist Georgina Davy. She makes beautiful, often strange, but always wonderful costumes and puppets. I don’t think she realises just how excellent she is. The making of the costumes must be painstaking. The beasts she makes require not only imagination but also nimble-fingered wizardry and a monk-like patience I could only dream of having.  In 2016, I had designs of starting a photo project about artists working in and around Sheffield when I lived there and Georgina let me take the first batch of photos of her. I remember it was a hot…Keep reading >>

On, on a roll.


On a roll is a project I cooked up when I did a quick photoshoot last year on a single roll of film. I was inspired by how much more I could get out of 24 / 36 shots taken on a roll of film than on a memory card in my digital camera. I shoot less and, I think, I shoot better. I’m not going to launch an enquiry into why; Do I think more because there a fewer shots available? Does the look of film simply suit my taste more, leading me to think it somehow better than…Keep reading >>

How I ended up filming in Las Vegas…


One of the craziest things in my filmmaking career so far has to be a mind-blowing offer to go and film in Las Vegas. I just wanted to share a little blog about how it happened, mostly as an excuse to show you some photos. But I hope that you find some kind of message in here about patience, faith and the art of putting yourself out there, because all of this came about because of a little snowboard film I made two years before. It all happened really fast. I was offered the shoot in early February and two…Keep reading >>

Instant Cameras


I love Instant Photography. To me, it’s magic. It’s not some hipster gimmick, it’s something I always liked and not long after I got into photography some 4 years ago, I quickly bought my first Polaroid camera. Yup, that’s before Instagram, folks. Well, before it got huge anyway.  This is my Polaroid Spectra 1200si. It cost me about £30 from eBay. The film for it has always been pricey via The Impossible Project but I used to find deals on eBay for old expired film. But there’s less and less old film and more and more from the Impossible Project….Keep reading >>