Ismar Badžić - Shooting Assistant Producer

Photography Exhibitions in July.


I’m not a big gallery hopper but since last summer I’ve started going to more and more so I thought I’d share the odd trip and hopefully inspire you to go and see photos hanging on real walls instead of facebook walls. All of the exhibitions here listed are FREE  and down to earth; simply because I can’t afford to pay nor can I afford to spend the time peeling back layers of irony all that yucky mumbojumbo associated with art. I simply want to see good photography, that’s all. Here are three exhibitions I went to recently.  Bob Mazzer –…Keep reading >>

Free Online Movie: Dan in Real Life


Free Online Movie: Dan in Real Life Watch here via BBC iPlayer (available until 5th June 2013)    Synopsis: The writer of a newspaper’s advice column falls in love with his brother’s new girlfriend. Director: Peter Hedges Writers: Pierce Gardner, Peter Hedges Stars: Steve Carell, Juliette Binoche, Dane Cook   Runtime: 98 minutes Release Date: 2007   iWatchedit: Sunday 2nd June, 1am. On a laptop. In bed. Context | Sometimes a film just comes along and fits so perfectly into the context of your life that it seems like all the co-ordinates on the map have led you to this very point…Keep reading >>