Wes Anderson on Actors

"Wes Anderson on Actors"

All of these actors are people whom I’m fans of, and have convinced them to do movies with me. So I go back to the same people because I lovethese actors. The advantage to having ones I already know is I have my way of working, and they’re already into it. Not every actor in the world reacts the same way when you tell them, “You won’t have a trailer. Your costume will be left in your room at night, and you’ll come to the set in your costume and be made up in the hotel.” Actors are used to staying at the Four Seasons, their Mercedes will drop them off at the set, they’ll have their nice breakfast, and sit in their trailer, all that stuff. We don’t do any of that. Our set is communal, less wasteful, and less boring to me. So when I tell a lot of actors that, they tell me, “Good. I’m sick of working that way.” Making movies now are based on old technologies and old methods, and there are ways that a lot of money gets wasted that isn’t relevant.

Courtesy of ‘The Daily Beast’ – Full interview here

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