New Video: At Home

"New Video: At Home"

So I had this epiphany or something probably less dramatic,a few months back where I realised that my camera collected way too much dust and only came out for corporate jobs. Can a painter truly call themselves a painter if they only bring out their brushes on cue, on demand, when told and not because they want to in and of themselves? I’d say not. I’d say they’re just a hired hand. So I realised that I needed to make time to play and enjoy making the little videos that started me on my journey; the silly little handheld things and ‘found footage’ which I moved away from as planning and clients came along. Now, I’m never going to win awards or call these fun little numbers ‘good’ but that isn’t the point, they’re just my sketches and doodles. Anyway. I made a promise to myself to shoot more and have fun and get back to uploading on Vimeo and showing people what I do instead of keeping my work for the eyes of clients only. 

I’m not going to indulge in any more depth than that really, if you want to read about how I felt last month when I was having these creative ponderings then read the blog post here. Now, the video itself doesn’t have a structure nor an ending, it’s just a collection of moments and observations, of my family and my home. No script, no pressure, just me picking up my camera and witnessing real moments and trying to get them in focus. Although there isn’t a story, there is a retrospective message which I found when I was editing. And that is simply that your home is your safety, your place to be who you are with the people who love you the most. My thoughts are that a good home life is important and sets the foundation for the key aspects of life. It’s where we practice our interactions, kindness, patience, morals and so forth. Now, that’s a very contentious opinion and it’s only my own but that’s what I wanted to bring to the fore. Especially in my case – my reckoning is that if I can’t film my parents and my house then, damn, how can I film anything else? So I hope you enjoy watching my family who I love very much and the place I call my home. I deliberately didn’t shoot too many objects, instead keeping it focused on my parents. Oh and as hard as I tried to include my sister, it was very tricky filming a teenager (she’ll kill me for that). 

With the first little video done, I’m hoping to make something like this every month. I don’t want to commit to a recurring time or date or anything because the key is that these videos aren’t work, they’re 100% unadulterated passion and inspiration. But by keeping my camera out of it’s bag and carrying it around, hopefully I’ll be susceptible to inspiration.  


So, I chose the music for this piece so I could enter it into a little competition for a band called Hammock. I already had the edit in place and was looking for music, then I saw the contest on Talenthouse and heard the music was just perfect for the style of video and the brief was open in terms of the content. So I put the track under the images and decided to enter. Worth a shot eh? I’m not sure how keen the band will be on such an intimate and personal video but, like I say, it’s worth a try. So if you could take 5 seconds to follow the link below and vote via Twitter/Facebook then I’d really appreciate because if I make enough noise, even if I don’t win, then the video gets promoted by the band. To be seen by a wider audience is all I want for my videos- to move people and lead them to engage in a discussion either with themselves or with me about the piece. 


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